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[FREE] Back At It - Multi kit

[FREE] Back At It - Multi kit

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Billboard producer/sample maker CamJ put together this amazing course to give out all of the secrets that so many of the top sample makers are gatekeeping. You will learn all of the most advanced techniques that enable some producers to hit over six figures a year just off of sound kits! It's time to take your marketing and branding game to new heights...


Why Should You Trust That This Course Will Give You Results?

This kit was put together by #1 Heat-Seekers/Billboard Charting Producer CAMJ

CamJ has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry (G HerboNardo WickSoulja BoyYung Mal, And Many More). Over time while getting major placements he has also focused heavily on making sound kits! In just two years time Cam has made over 70k in sound kit sales and has found major success in the marketing and branding space, over this time these sound kits have also landed him placements on albums like Trick City by Bigwalkdog.

In this course CamJ goes over several key strategies that he uses to drive a lot of revenue from his sound kits and placements from these samples. Some of the categories featured in this course are, Starting From Zero, Making Your Own Sample Store, Marketing, Email Marketing, Advertising, Unique Ways To Sell Sound Kits, And Much More!

All of this incredible value is all bundled into one amazing deal that is just too hard to pass up on. Over 65% Off the original price of this course.

It's time to Invest in the future of your business...