These Habbits Can Make You A FULL Time Living Off Of Sound Kits!


Have you been wanting to get into the Sound Kit game? A lot of producers have the mindset of it being “over saturated” just like Type Beats but that’s simply not true. Everything is saturated at the bottom especially if you're doing nothing to stand out. There are producers making more then the leading type beat producers, over 20-30k a month just off of sound kits! It’s truly hard to imagine but it’s something you can do if you put your mind to it, or at least make it a super profitable branch of your business.

Now how is this possible?

It seems the biggest producers are hogging all of the sauce to pull these kinds of numbers 🤦‍♂️. not to mention they have a giant bag to advertise to unlimited customers. I want to show you how you can get to this point, how you can have financial freedom doing what you love most… Music!

- My name is CamJ I'm the CEO of Producer Priority and i'm gonna talk about the key strategies that took me from being a part time bedroom producer to making a full time living, let's get into it!

#1 Consistency

I'm sure you're tired of hearing about this but the more you do the more it gets ingrained into you're head, and that's actually a good thing. It wasn't until about 2 years into my production journey that I realized my consistency was paying off but the truth is most people don't want to wait that long...

If you truly want to make it in music you have to play the long game, and you have to play it correctly. If you are consistent for several years while leveling up your craft with each drop then there is no way you can loose. Once I started seeing this progress actually happen it really motivated me. I followed a very strict schedule of uploading a sound kit every single week for an entire year and I saw crazy progress, now this might not work for you and that's okay do what you can. But the premise is the same, be consistent and pump out great sounding content and sales/opportunities will start coming to you.

#2 Taking Criticism

Let's face it, as producers we can get very emotional about our craft especially if someone is saying something negative about it. It is very easy to want to lash out and tell someone they are wrong but that does no good at all...

We need to look at things in a different lens to help push our brand/sound forward, because reacting only pushes us backwards. Listen to what people have to say, if a lot of people have the same complaint then they are most likely right whether you want to believe it or not, that's on you. The only way to grow as musician is to take criticism and try to get better from it, even the biggest producers in the world use this tactic to push there sound forward. To not stay stagnate .

Implement this tactic into your sound kit selling business and I promise you will see a big difference in responses and overall conversations/downloads. Not just that this will help your mental a lot and it will help keep you on the path to success.

#3 Trying New Things

It wasn't until 2023 that I started trying new styles of kits, for example: One Shots, Multi Midi Kits, Courses, And Even Giant Kit Collections. It is very important to branch out and to try and learn as much as possible. Learn graphic design, sound design, website design, how to flip samples, learn an instrument. All these are perfect examples of what you can be doing to further your sound design brand. I will say don't try to do all of these things at once because it will be too overwhelming. Get really good at one of these topics and then move onto the next one, over time you will learn many things and it will provide to your overall toolbox for your brand and also the value you provide to other producers/artists.

#4 Celebrate The Little Wins

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you look at the producers at the top, they have all of the numbers and huge brands. For a lot of people they compare themselves and when you do that it just doesn't seem possible. But you have to think everyone started out with nothing and built there brand up, so if they can do it so can you. One of the best techniques I used to combat this was to celebrate every win no matter how small. If a video gets more views then the last, if you get a sale, if you gain 5 followers in a day, always take the positive and run with it. This makes the day to day struggles way easier to handle and it keeps you pushing forward!


Now I could talk for hours about all the things I've implemented to start seeing success in the sound kit selling game but I can't do that on here. What I can offer you though is the most in depth training I've ever put together on how to make a full time living off of sound kits! This is seriously the fast track way to making your dream come true...

I’ve managed to put together all of the most effective tactics of selling sample kits online and I’m happy to say I’ve made over 60k in just two years and i’m on track to do over 70k in 2023 alone! Not to mention several major label placements off of my sample packs with Bigwalkdog, Yung Mal, and even Lil Gotit.

I don’t tell you these numbers to flex I want this to be an inspiration for you, I didn’t get these numbers by luck. I implemented very key marketing and brand making strategies to get to this point. Everyone can do these key things to make a living as well.

I want to show you how I’ve fast tracked this process, and it’s my goal to help you make a full time living with sound kits because I truly believe there is a lot of money out there for everyone!

I put together an amazing course that covers everything that you will need to know to go full time off of sound kits and i’m not holding back any sauce…

This course will only take around 30 minutes to read but it will cover every aspect of how you can build your brand and business from scratch

I will be going in depth on how to start from zero all the way to making a profitable business where you can make up to 20-30k a month yourself it’s all about taking these strategies and scaling.

Learn in depth marketing, content, advertising, conversion rates, email marketing, building an online store, and so much more!

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