Pray - By Bigwalkdog

Hear the behind the scenes story of how this placement came about + a full sample breakdown!


In September 2022, Bigwalkdog dropped his first ever project and I got the honor of getting two songs on there, one being "PRAY".

The story behind getting this placement has to do with consistency. The producer that did the drums and got it placed (Riffe God) used one of my free 4PF loop kits. I would have never gotten this connection if I wasn't putting out multiple free kits when I started making samples, it was very important.

Riffe used the sample and actually took out most of the instruments to leave the most amount of space for the artist to flow, I truly believe this is the reason this beat got placed.

It was because of this song that I got the Bigwalkdog connection. I knew I had a song coming out with him so I hit him up and told him I was one of the producers and we locked in from there.

A very important takeaway from this placement is that it doesn't matter what part of your journey you are on, just upload your music. You never know who will find it and use it.

Sample Breakdown Video

#1 Heatseekers + Billboard

After the initial release the album hit the billboards in multiple ways. It peaked at around #125 on the US charts + it got #1 Heatseekers Album of that week, which is the gold standard for first time albums. The album got cosigns from some of the biggest names like Lil Baby, Gucci Maine, Pooh Shiesty, Hotboii, Rylo Rodriguez, and many more.

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