Soulja Boy - "Not You Getting Yo Chain Snatched"

Hear the crazy story of how Soulja Boy STOLE one of our CEO (CAMJ's) BEATS!

First Ever Placement

A lot of people don't know but Soulja Boy was the first ever major artist I've worked with, and what a way to start things off...

You hear all the time the horror stories of the industry and this is no different. I found out about this song in August of 2021 and I was absolutely stoked to get my career off to a good start with a song with Soulja Boy. The excitement didn't last long though because I could tell something was seriously off.

I received no word or paperwork for this song upon it's release and the beat had my tag scattered all the way through it. This could only mean one thing... Soulja did the free download for a beat on my Beatstars and never payed me a cent for it. He uploaded it on all platforms, shot a video and all.

I seeked out legal help but the answer I got wasn't what I was looking for. My lawyer said based on the numbers of the song it would cost more to sue him then I would actually make off of the song, I am able to collect publishing but nothing more.

Even though there is a lot of negative in this industry it is always important to find the positive. These songs with Soulja Boy jump started my career in the industry and they gave me the credits I needed to work with bigger producers.

If you want to listen to the song it's BELOW!

Listen Here