G Herbo - Red Dot

Here's the insane story of how our CEO CamJ landed a placement with one of Americas top rappers, G Herbo...

How It Came About

In 2022 CamJ locked in with a super hard independent artist named Zo Wheels. Zo was one of the first artists that Cam ever worked with going all the way back to 2020. In late 2022, early 2023 Zo was working on a new project that would eventually land the Red Dot placement...

Cam sent out a pack of beats and heard nothing for multiple months. It wasn't until the G Herbo Vault dropped the snippet on July 21st 2023 that he found out about the song.

Zo has known Herbo for a long time and has planned to do a feature with him, it finally happened.

This all came one day after Cam scored a placement with Platinum Artist Nardo Wick as well, crazy couple of days...

The song/video official dropped on March 10th which came with a cosign from Herbo when he dropped a snippet on his instagram which gained millions of views.

Listen Here!

What Can You Learn From This?

Producer Priority is built on helping you succeed in your own production career, so what can you take away from this story?

The biggest takeaway is that anyone can have opportunities no matter how big or how small, so take every opportunity you are given. If Cam never stayed locked in with Zo for almost 4 years this placement never would have happened in the first place. Focus on making great music and great connections and things will start to fall into place over time.