WORLDWIDE - By Bigwalkdog

It's CamJ the CEO of Producer Priority and I'm gonna be breaking down how I made the beat for "worldwide" by Bigwalkdog...


I originally created the melody back in late 2022 and included it in my trenches loop kit series.

The melody was meant to be experimental and to have a chill ambient vibe, the brass would bring in a new dimension to bring a different energy. The truth behind the melody and the beat is it was never intended for Bigwalkdog but I sent it to him anyways, the rest is history!


I made this beat not so long after I made the sample. Once I finished it I sent it over in a pack to Walk.

I waited months after that, I had zero idea that the beat was even used. I got a call from Walk in late February and he told me that we were dropping and that I should get the paperwork soon, that's when things got real...

I knew I had another song dropping with him and I couldn't say anything about it until it actually dropped which was a couple of weeks later.


The song/music video officially dropped on March 10th at midnight and the response to the song was crazy! Over 100k views in a day with cosigns from other 1017 artists like Gucci Mane.

"Worldwide" has been used in countless D1 College sports videos as well.

At the time I'm writing this the video has around 500k views. One of my favorite songs, I've ever dropped.

Listen Here

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