When getting an artist to use a beat the most important part is the intro. Most artists know if they want to use the beat within the first 15-30 seconds and if you don't capture there attention you could loose out on a lot of potential customers. I put together a list of 5 Crazy Techniques you can use for your beat intros!

Techniques 1-3 In Action!

#1 Drop Before The Drop

There are a lot of different variations that you can use for this techniques and they all bring a lot of energy to the beat. Not to mention this is a technique that can grab the artists attention right away. You can use this technique at any BPM and it's great for uptempo vibes.

#2 Filters

You might know filters are a great way to make your intros sound interesting but when you pair a filter with multiple different techniques you can really make a splash. Try this on your next beat!

#3 Chopped Melody

When you cut out the Melody in rapid succession before the Drums come in it makes the drop hit way harder, it's essentially a make your own riser or FX. Artists don't normally hear this so try it on your next track!

#4 Delayed Drop

This is by far my favorite technique to use because this really teases the drop. Everyone assumes the drums will come in but when they don't it creates a reaction in the brain, when the drums come back in a second later it will always sparks a positive reaction and that's what you want with your instrumentals!

Add extra Risers or FX to add variation to the delayed drop. Play around with it and who knows maybe you could do a 2 bar delayed drop. Try it out and let us know how it goes.

#5 Pitched Drop

With this technique you can do one of two things, go from a Lower Pitch to a Higher Pitch, or the opposite. Depending on the vibe of your beat you can pick one or the other. Like many of these techniques this one creates a lot of energy and it's a sound that artists don't normally hear.

Use one of these 5 Techniques and you will see a difference in the amount of artists that use your beats!

Try These Techniques On One Of Our Samples!